Phytochemical Standardization and Analgesic Activity of Murdannia nudiflora (L) Brenan

Our present communication deals with physicochemical parameters, preliminary phytochemical studies and pharmacological impact of Murdannia nudiflora (L) Brenan as analgesic plant which is used in folklore uses of Assam. No reports are available on standardization parameters hence, the present attempt was undertaken to investigate the standardization parameters to establish its authenticity. The study revealed the presence of wide range of phytoconstituents. The determination of these characters will aid future investigators in their Pharmacological analysis of this species. 

The whole 8 pages article is available for download here.

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Micro- and nanoscale technologies for tissue engineering and drug discovery applications

Micro- and nanoscale technologies are emerging as powerful enabling tools for tissue engineering and drug discovery. In tissue engineering, micro- and nanotechnologies can be used to fabricate biomimetic scaffolds with increased complexity and vascularization.

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Standing Genetic Variation and the Evolution of Drug Resistance in HIV

Drug resistance remains a major problem for the treatment of HIV. Resistance can occur due to mutations that were present before treatment starts or due to mutations that occur during treatment. The relative importance of these two sources is unknown. Resistance can also be transmitted between patients, but this process is not considered in the current study. We study three different situations in which HIV drug resistance may evolve: starting triple-drug therapy, treatment with a single dose of nevirapine and interruption of treatment.

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The Antibacterial Activity of Benzimidazole Derivative and the Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships

QSAR study on benzimidazole derivatives using several topological and indicator descriptors was performed and evaluated for their antibacterial activities. The correlation equations of these relationships which were designed according to the Hansch Analysis Method were given. The 5 best models were selected for the discussion. Initial regression analysis indicated that balaban index plays a dominating role in modeling the activity in all proposed models. Results are interpreted on the basis of multiple regression and cross-validation methodology. Furthermore, the domain of applicability which indicates the area of reliable prediction is defined.

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Nutraceutical Antioxidants as Novel Neuroprotective Agents

A variety of antioxidant compounds derived from natural products (nutraceuticals) have demonstrated neuroprotective activity in either in vitro or in vivo models of neuronal cell death or neurodegeneration, respectively. These natural antioxidants fall into several distinct groups based on their chemical structures: (1) flavonoid polyphenols like epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) from green tea and quercetin from apples; (2) non-flavonoid polyphenols such as curcumin from tumeric and resveratrol from grapes; (3) phenolic acids or phenolic diterpenes such as rosmarinic acid or carnosic acid, respectively, both from rosemary; and (4) organosulfur compounds including the isothiocyanate, L-sulforaphane, from broccoli and the thiosulfonate allicin, from garlic.

The whole 23 pages article is available for download here.

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Role of Regulatory Authorities in Marketing Regulation of Drugs in India

Approval of the drug product for import, manufacturing and marketing in India, its demonstration for safety and efficacy in humans is essential. The Rules 122A, 122B and 122D, 122 DA, 122DAA, 122E and Appendix I, IA and VI of Schedule Y of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1945, describes the information/data required for approval of clinical trial and/or to import, manufacture, or market any new drug in the country. However, the requirements for approval of clinical trials and new drugs may vary depending on the nature of new drugs.

The whole 11 pages article is available for download here.

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