Farmavita Net is professional community and network of pharmaceutical licensing and business development executives, innovators and researchers

Farmavita.Net is the pharmaceutical licensing , technology transfer and regulatory affairs network. We are managing the marketplace of offers and demand for pharmaceutical Dossiers, know-how and technologies. Members of Farmavita.Net network usually find a number of attractive solutions for business development, alliances, joint ventures, co-development and co-marketing of pharmaceutical products. 



Farmavita.Net is not just a pure Internet portal. We manage a number of regional associates.  We are connecting the dynamic network of few hundreds members / pharmaceutical companies interested in license-in and license-out opportunities.

Our business concept is very simple:

  1. All offer/demand at Farmavita.Net is published anonymously
  2. There is no charge for publishing or  input into Farmavita.Net database .
  3. Only in case when we find suitable business partnership match we will ask for non-exclusive agency agreement, with specific customer protection. 
  4. We charge only  supplier.
  5. We do not ask for consulting or retainer fees.
  6. We will ask for commission related to royalties/down-payment,  and related to supply of goods.

For the carefully selected innovative projects/products, we are can  provide venture capital resources and integral project management support.

Farmavita.Net is owned and managed by UNITED BIOPHARMA EXPERTS LLC, company incorporated at Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis. The company profiled itself to be the top service agent in pharmaceutical business development, licensing and regulatory affairs. 


At this moment, members at Farmavita.Net are offering license-out for few hundreds health products/technologies.  Also, members of Farmavita.Net are looking to license-in number of products/technologies. You can find more details about available opportunities in our Pharma Licensing Section.

If you have something to license-out or license-in we would definitely like to hear it from you!

As the support to licensing activities Farmavita.Net is offering range of regulatory affairs services

  Also, members of Farmavita.Net are offering CRO services such as:

- Contract development of pharmaceutical formulations, with registration documentation in EU CTD format.

- Phase I to III and BE clinical trials

- Software and IT Support for Clinical Trials

- Fermentation process development for API

- Enzyme reaction engineering for manufacture of chiral chemicals

- Development and design of LASER medicinal devices

Contact us for more details.

Register yourself to our network! Registration is free! Benefits for registered members are:

  • Members gain access to the Intranet part with information and features which are not available publicly
  • subscription to Farmavita.Net Journal
  • Network members can use the opportunity for advertising and publishing of the offers/needs for new products, technologies and services; they can also publish professional articles and PR news.
  • Publishing is easy, directly from your Internet browser; you will notice a new publishing menu,  when you register and log-in.