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Variant of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)-? : Anti-tumor agent acting on Melanoma & Soft Tissue Sarcoma



Variant of Tumor Necrosis Factor

TNF-α has been clinically proven as a tumor killing agent. M3S is a TNF-α Mutein (a variant of TNF-α) proven to have superior anti-tumor activity and safety compared to natural form. 

Mechanism of action

TNF-α Mutein (a variant of TNF-α) made from amino acids substitution of TNF-α variant which shown the highest cytotoxicity among variants.

Development status

Approved conditionally.

-       Condition : For clinical study only

-       Indication : Melanoma, sarcoma and other 3 cancers (liver cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer)

Patent information

Patent registered in Korea (Reg. No. 123315 / 185330 / 123291), Germany (Reg. No. DE4404124), France (Reg. No. F.P.2701264), USA (USP5773582), Japan (Reg. No. JP2837344) and UK (GB2275683).

Type of business relationship sought

Out-licensing of cell line to produce M3S (Host cell : E.coli)

Full description


Natural TNF-α has known to have tumor killing activity and been studied clinically against cancer patients since late 1980. However, systemic administration of natural TNF-α showed severe adverse reactions. Due to the severe adverse reaction TNF-α treatment has limitation in application.

For production of effective & safe anti-tumor agent derived from TNF-α, a large number of TNF-α variant was produced and a variant with highest cytotoxicity was selected (3S). To eliminate severe toxicity, 3 amino acids of variant were substituted and a part of N-terminal amino acids were deleted (M3S).

M3S has over 10-folds lower toxicity and increased efficacy compared to natural TNF-α. It is for treatment of melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma and other cancers (liver cancer, breast cancer and ovary cancer).

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