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Private lubricant



Private lubricant that is composed 100% of macromolecular Aloe Vera Gel powder

yet2_logoThis innovative product can create a large worldwide market because of its particular features. 

There has never been such a perfectly natural lubricant until now. The constituent of this natural lubricant is only dried Aloe Vera Gel with no aloin. By dissolving it in water, the Aloe Vera gel powder reconstitutes an amazingly smooth gel. Owing to the macromolecular polysaccharides of Aloe Vera, water is retained as long as needed. After use no unpleasant stickiness remains at all and it makes skin smoother instead. The Aloe Vera gel also works as a curative for scratches just as fresh Aloe heals wounds. This product is perfectly free from chemicals, so that it can guarantee safety and tenderness to the human body. The feel of reconstituted gel seems to be very similar to human mucus, which makes people feel that it is so natural. Thus, the performance of this natural product is remarkably superior to artificial chemical lubricants. It will help people greatly and eventually form a large worldwide market. This natural lubricant can be produced only by our patented technologies.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness

Until now it has been said that it is almost impossible to provide the macromolecular weight of Aloe Vera Gel as a consumer product, for the existing production process of removing aloin damages the molecular weight of the product. So first we invented the technology of removing aloin without cutting the molecular chains, and then we applied the aloe fillet to our patented drying technology, which dries Aloe Vera Gel without the damage done by oxidation and high temperature.

As one of the applications, this Aloe Vera Gel private lubricant has been invented. For reference, some other applications of the dried Aloe Vera Gel are mentioned as follows; massage lotion, pimple treatment, skin-care lotion, hair-grower, skin-disease treatment, burn treatment, and health drink, etc. And quite a few kinds of medical researches such as canker sore treatment, tumor treatment, treatments concerned with veins and blood and so on have been conducted. We spent eight months testing on healing bedsores in 2006, and the positive outcome was;

1. Wound healing and anti-inflammation were treated simultaneously with a single ointment medicine made of the said Aloe Vera Gel macromolecular powder. 

2. No side effects were observed. 

3. Rapid covering tissue (epidermis) forming was followed by tissue and texture restoration. 

4. The potential of having a quick remedy would greatly help the aged patient’s QOL. 

As a lubricant, high molecular weight is essential. Our reconstituted gel with the same water content as the fresh could not be inserted into HPLC technically because of its high viscosity. Then after dissolving the powder in 200 times its weight of water, we set it still to divide the high molecular side and the low side and then after picking up the top clear layer we installed into HPLC and counted the molecular weight. The outcome was indicated as 3100k Dalton, so the actual molecular weight of the reconstituted gel was considered much higher.

Macromolecular Aloe Vera Lubricant also offers another effect, in that it heals scratches just like the fresh Aloe does. And also there is a possibility of removing Candida in the same way of removing oral germs, so this product has a further potential of being upgraded into a quasi-medicine after further research and study.    

Benefits Summary

This product can create a large worldwide market because of its particular features as follows;

  •  Its smoothness is amazingly close to human water itself, so the feel of using it is natural and tender. This is totally different from artificial chemical lubricants.

  • Macromolecular polysaccharides have a molecular weight when being dissolved of far more than 3000k Dalton, so that the Aloe Vera gel retains water well as long as needed.

  • Artificial chemical polymers create an unpleasant stickiness in use. The Aloe Vera gel does not create such a stickiness. Rather it makes skin smoother while in use.

  • It is odorless because the aloin of the fresh leaves is removed to the industrial standards level (in powder form, less than 10ppm).

  • The product is provided in powder form in a small bottle, so that it is fresh with every use. The reconstituted gel is always fresh and clean. The powder is reconstituted as a lubricant gel approximately 10 minutes after being dissolved in water.

  • As is known well, the fresh Aloe Vera Gel heals burns, cuts, and rashes. This product offers the same features, so that it heals the scratches in private parts which women easily suffer from when they have difficulties in secreting water.

  • This product has no additives; even in the production processes, no chemical substance is used, so this product can guarantee high level safety and tenderness to human body. 

Development Summary

Every technology and hardware plus software for a mass production is ready. Development has been competed and the current development stage is performing market tests. An actual prototype sample is available for your reference. 

IP Summary

This technology is supported by 5 US patents and 10 European patents. The most recent year of issue is 2002. 

Technology Owner
Ellie Corporation, Japan 

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