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Metadichol® (the anagram of this is METHODICAL) is a product produced from the waste of our agricultural industry and is present in small amounts because most of it is lost in our processing of foods.
We suffer from diseases and die because our immune system gets weakened over time and leads to death People who live longer are able to do so because of their enhanced immunity ( healthy life style).
All diseases are reducible to passive or active disturbances of cells.
Drugs of today control symptoms but not the origin of disease These drugs lead to a weakened immune system.
Metadichol® because of its small size enters the nucleus of the where the 46 chromosomes (this contains the blueprint of our life) 23 each from our parents are present and helps repairs the diseased cells using the information in these 46 chromosomes.
Man made molecules (drugs of today) target only one disease or two with side effects. An average drug has approximately 80 side effects.
Biologically derived products like Metadichol (derived from sugar cane or rice, grapes, wheat, peanuts, apple and broccoli etc) has been around for billions of years and part of every day human diet will hit multiple targets for the simple reason that billions of years of evolution have made it precisely that way. Metadichol works on multiple diseases.

Metadichol is derived from nature and works in tune with it and is safer than salt and sugar.

Metadichol proves what Hippocrates ( 460-357 B.C) "He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of men?"


Metadichol® is a patent pending, new class of nutraceuticals  developed by Nanorx Inc. It is a liquid formulation that has unique properties Metadichol is a unique Small Molecule Technology Formula (SMTF) ( with a size of 53 nanometers i.e half the size of a human virus) with all natural ingredients.

What is the source of Metadichol

This food ingredient is found in many foods, including broccoli, wheat, rice, sugar cane, sorghum, distillers grain, grape, apples, peanuts. Indeed, many are seeds and foods that we consume every day. 

Is Metadichol safe? 

The food ingredient in Metadichol is safer than salt or sugar or Vitamin C. It is designated by the US FDA as a GRAS substance (generally regarded as safe)

How is Metadichol administered? 

Since Metadichol is water soluble it can be administered in water and / or soft drinks. 0 mg per day. Toxic dose is over 300 grams per day Our dosage is 20 mg per day ( 0.0066% of the toxic dose)

What types of studies / trials have been conducted so far?

We have carried out studies of the effects of Metadichol in diabetic rats and in humans for 60 weeks

What did the results show?

Our results show that Metadichol is effective in reducing insulin resistance in and other key biomarkers that affect metabolic syndrome and inflammation. Indeed Metadichol appears to perform better than prescription drugs. Additional clinical studies are planned by our potential licensees in many parts of the world

Are there any known side-effects associated with Metadichol?

Metadichol has no known side effect reported in the literature and this has been verified in our human studies.

What is the patent position for Metadichol?

International Patent (Application No. PCT/US10/021684) . US Patent (No.12/691706) published Aug 26th 2010 and US Patent application (13/211132) published Feb 23rd 2012). A third patent will appear in 2013. 

What is the mechanistic basis for Metadichol’s action?

Metadichol’s action, based on a wide variety of diseases, is that it acts by boosting the immune system by affecting the nuclear receptors in the nucleus of the cell and thus assisting the body in healing itself.

What diseases does Metadichol work on:

We have documented its effects in: Hypertension Obesity Hyperlipidemia Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) and Chronic kidney disease and many other diseases. 





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