Safe and Effective Herbal product for Vaginitis (White Discharge in Women) available for acquisition



I have developed a 100% safe herbal product for the treatment of vaginitis in unmarried, married and pregnant women. The product is useful in Bacterial Vaginosis as well as Vaginal Candidiasis. This product code named WH-1 has significant advantages over the currently available medications such as FAS-3 Kit and Fluconazole which are indicated only in bacterial or fungal vaginitis respectively. A recent study done by St. John’s medical college Bangalore, India states: “To conclude, our study confirms that WH-1 was found to be equally efficacious as standard drugs of FAS-3 Kit and Fluconazole in mixed infection, nonspecific vaginitis as well as vaginal candidiasis.



Adverse effects were higher in standard treatment group. Certain positive findings of the present study with WH-1 were its global utility in the treatment of Vaginitis caused by multiple pathogens; minor incidence of adverse drug reactions; increment in lactobacilli count; and 100% compliance despite longer duration of treatment. There was no biochemical evidence of side effects with WH-1 regimen. WH-1 can therefore be considered to be an effective and safe option for treatment of vaginitis”. The incidence of vaginitis in different cross sections of population is alarming. It is said that every woman suffers from Vaginitis at least once in her lifetime. In US it is estimated that 6 million visits are made every year for treatment and over a billion dollar is spent annually on both self-treatment and visits to doctor. The market potential is rapidly increasing, therefore highlighting the need for a new improved approach. I have already received trade enquiries from distributors from over 12 countries. 

Partnering Strategy 

I am primarily seeking to sell my IPR and Technical Knowhow a Pharma company having worldwide operations. The present research data is sufficient to commercialize the product in India and many other countries but for EU and American market additional validations are required on a larger group of patients. I am prepared to partner with the buyer of my IPR to take the research further.  

Development status

Applied for Indian Patent. Trade mark and trade name have been granted by Government of India, Trademark Registry.


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