Recent Advances in Different Aspects of Tablet Coating

Coated tablets are defined as tablets covered with one or more layers of mixture of various substances such as natural or synthetic resins ,gums ,inactive and insoluble filler, sugar, plasticizer, polyhydric alcohol, waxes, authorized colouring material and some times flavoring material. Coating may also contain active ingredient. Substances used for coating are usually applied as solution or suspension under conditions where vehicle evaporates. The present paper reviews recent advances in different aspects of tablet coating.

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Physicochemical Evaluation and Ethnomedicinal Uses of Michelia Champaca Linn.

Michelia champaca L. is a medicinal and ornamental plant cultivated in home gardens and near temples for its scented, attractive and massive pale colored flowers. Beside, being an ornamental plant, its various parts are medicinally used in the treatment of different human ailments. The present work was done to evaluate the physicochemical parameters viz., total ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble ash, moisture content and FOM of leaves of the plant and to enumerate the ethnomedicinal uses of the herb.

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Challenges in Standardization in Traditional Medicine / Herbal Drugs

The use of herbs and herbal extracts to treat diseases has stood the test of time. Herbal products/traditional medicine are composed of many constituents and are, therefore, capable of variation. The variability of the plant material is due to different conditions of growth, harvesting, drying, and storage. The polarity of the solvent, the mode of extraction, and the instability of constituents may also influence the composition and quality of the extracts.

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Comparative Evaluation Study of Insecticidal Plants for the Control of Vector Mosquito Anopheles Stephensi

Aim of this work was to comparative study on larvicidal activity of insecticidal plants against malaria spreading mosquito Anopheles stephensi. The petroleum ether and chloroform extracts of Lantana camara showed highest larvicidal activity against the mosquito vector Anopheles stephensi in comparison to Toddalia asiatica.

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Eudragit and its Pharmaceutical Significance

One would always like to have an ideal drug delivery system that will possess three main properties: (a) It will be a single dose for the whole duration of treatment. (b) It will deliver the active drug directly at the site of action. (c) It will possess possible fewer side effects. Above approaches are achieved with the help of suitable choice of polymer.

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Recent Advances in Carbon Nanotubes a Promising Approaches in Cancer Therapy

The carbon nanotube's structure can be thought of as a sheet of graphite which has been rolled into a cylinder. A nanotube can also contain multiple cylinders of different diameters nested inside one another. This type is called a multi-wall nanotube (MWNT).

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