Under the category of the OTC/Nutraceutical products are listed the products which are sold without prescription. Members of Farmavita.net are invited to publish their out-license offers in this Category.

Template CTD Dossier (without supply)

Nalbuphine+Naloxone, solution for injection
1. An entirely new combination. An original analgesic, which is not a scheduled drug. 2. The combination is in complete compliance with a global trend of multimodal analgesia.  3.  The option for adequate pain control (equivalent to morphine) achieved with low doses and with minimal complications and adverse effects.   The conditions for licensing-out selling of the product. 1. Documents to be transferred:   -     Pharmaceutical...
200 Formulation Dossiers
Farmavita.Net members, from India,  are offering  license-out  of formulation documentation for more than two hundred (200)  pharmaceutical products. Each CTDossier is available for lump sum payment, without supply obligation. This Dossiers does not include  clincal studies.   Click Here to download the complete list of available formulations, with example of Dossier Table of Contents, for one product.  It is expected that buyer of...

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