Under the category of the OTC/Nutraceutical products are listed the products which are sold without prescription. Members of Farmavita.net are invited to publish their out-license offers in this Category.

Technology Platform for Controlled and Site Specific Release of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients



marigold_by_schroppyo.jpgFarmavita.Net member has developed technology which enables development of oral dosage forms with  controlled and site specific release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Patent pending application.


Company is looking for following types of cooperation:
- Out-licensing
- Joint-venture and private equity partners
- Collaborative product development
- Consulting or contract research contracts

Description of technology:
- the invention relates to oral pharmaceutical compositions providing controlled and site specific drug release
- the invention also relates process for preparing the oral pharmaceutical composition
- the technology is usable to different drugs (levodopa used as a model drug)
- the technology enables fast development of the better products,
- it will be competitive advantage compared with the existing products
- the technology can be prepared for testing in a short period of time
- it is possible to prepare and market the final product (drug) in a very short time

Potential therapeutic benefit:
- highly reproducible controlled release
- better absorption
- controlled drug blood level
- lower drug level fluctuations
- lower side effects than in existing formulation
- lower single dose
- lower number of single doses per day
- better bioavailability


Economic Benefit
- additional patent protection and data exclusivity for drugs developed on this technology platform
- production of better products with competitive advantages compared to existing drugs
- redefinition of the price - higher price compared to the price of existing drugs
- broadly acceptable technology


The platform:
- the technology is usable to different drugs depending on the molecular structure
- it is usable to all molecules that contain N (nitrogen)
- the technology is suitable for active agents belonging to Class I of the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) which are characterized with high permeability and high solubility
- preferred are drugs from the following groups: antiparkinsonics, antiepileptics, antipsychotics, antihypertensives, cytostatics etc...


Please send mail to info@farmavita.net for more detailed information.

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