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Contract Services

1 CRO and Regulatory Affairs Services in Turkey
R&D Company From Turkey can support regulatory affairs, tecnology trasnfer and  registration services in TurkeyAlso offering contract R&D service is available and license-out  of formulation documentation without clincal studies.  Please contactus for more details.  
1 Contract Manufacturer for Transderamal Drug Delivery System
Member of  Farmavita:net is looking for contract manufacture of product in form of Transdermal Delivery System.  Manufacturer must have EU GMP certificate.  Estimated annual purchase is 5 to 10 million pflasters.   Vendor also expect that manufacturer will provide some formulation development support, as well as do all necessary validations related to manufacture and QC.   

Popular Sale
KRAOGENPHARMA CONSULTANT N KAMALAKAR RAO M.Pharm.                                      raonk5@gmail.com                 Contact No. +91 9502592310 Generic Pharmaceutical...
Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops
Looking to develop sodium cromoglycate eye drops in 5,10 and 15ml multidose plastic bottle. Looking to market the product in UK and USA.

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