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Innovative Medical Device - Inhaler for the management of Asthma & COPD



Inhaler for the management of Asthma & COPD

A group of pharmaceutical professionals (Scientists & Business Development) based in Mumbai (India). is engaged in development of innovative medical devices specially in respiratory therapy. It is an innovative inhaler that is developed after years of continuous research.

A brief about this device:

It is an Dry Powder Capsule based Inhalation device (Single Dose Reusable) for Asthamatics & COPD patients. The device is very effective in the deposition of FPF (Fine Particle Fraction) in the central airways, middle as well as deep lungs & hence offers highest efficacy in the management of Asthma & COPD. The device is very simple to operate & is user friendly. It can even be used comfortably by the blind patients.

The device is based only on 3 steps: Fill, Push & Inhale Above all, this device requires only Spring, Surgical Steel & Poly Carbon to manufacture. Cost Effective: Manufacturing cost is rock bottom: Cost of manufacturing 1 device is Rs 5 - Rs 8 in Indian currency.

The technology behind this device is already patented & is ready to be developed for commercial purpose by any pharmaceutical company. To conclude, I would say that this medical device has got immense potential of becoming a block buster to any pharmaceutical company who are strong in respiratory therapy or into medical device business. We are here looking out for business deal with prospective clients/customers.

This business deal could be of any type according to the mutual understanding & business interest of both the sides.(We & Customer/Client) 1. Outlicensing the technology 2. Selling off patent country wise as well as worldwide We are also open to partnership with leading pharma companies for the development of innovative medical devices by outlicensing our technology. Sample(Finished Product) is already available with us for demonstration.

For futher information please contact Farmavita.Net team (info@farmavita.net).

Thanks & Best Regards, Tridip Chatterjee

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