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Calcium Levo Folinate



Member of Farmavita.net is offering dossier in European CTD format for Calcium Levo Folinate; 25 mg/2,5 ml; 50 mg/5 ml; 175 mg/17,5 ml, ampoules  2,5 ml; 5 ml, Falcon lyoph 5 ml.

Dossier is ready.

License for the use of the Dossier is related to initial downpayment and commitment to bulk purchase of blisters.

Calcium Levo Folinate is classified as an antineoplastic and immunomodulating agent, according to the ATC  index.

Offer is valid subject to confirmation, country by country. There will be no sales in those countries where this offer would constitute an infringement of third parties intellectual proprietary rights. Farmavita.Net is not owner of offered products/licenses and do not take any liability related to them. However, as the licensing agent we do our the best to facilitate that closed licensing agreements are made on mutual benefit of contracting parties and without infringement of intellectual property of third parties. 

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