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Technology description:
The present innovation regards the description, extraction and pharmaceutical use of a natural compound present in Citrus fruit, in particular in Bergamot. It has a flavonoidic structure linked to hydroxymethyl glutaric acid. The statin-like structure allows its potential use as anticholesterol active principle.
Problems that the invention resolves:
It is the first natural statin-like active principle that could be used in cholesterol related diseases.

Advantages the invention can offer
Two technical advantages can be considered:
(i) The possibility of extracting the statin-like drug from very abundant natural products, by green
processes, thus avoiding chemical synthesis.
(ii) The available statins produce side-effects on the patients. The natural potential drug, besides
the proved anticholesterolemic effect, releases a flavonoidic moiety of known antioxidant
Economic: The natural compound is extracted from the pulp of citrus fruit like bergamot that in most
cases is a waste product of the perfumery industries related to essential oil.
The natural statin-like drug claimed in this patent application, is directly available from citrus fruits. The commercially available statins require a multi-step synthetic procedures, thus the use of chemical reagents, solvents, waste delivering problems, etc., which inevitably rises the production costs.
Commercial Advantages

(benefits a company derives from the introduction in the market of invention)
The new proposed statin-like drug is a natural product, already experienced in local folk medicine withoutany apparent drawback, therefore it is expected to meet the consumers needs.
Disadvantages can it have
It is evident that passing from a synthetic drug, with many experienced side effects, to a total natural molecule, which should not suffer by this limitation, is a paramount innovation.
Phase of development
At the present stage in vitro studies have only being performed.
Further developments before being exploited
It requires all the classic steps of in vivo testing and clinical trials if used as pharmaceutical drug.
Time to market
One year or less if employed as nutraceutical.
Possible applications (direct or indirect)
Replace anti-cholesterol synthetic drugs with natural products having similar benefit.
Market sector
Pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals applications.

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