Expert speaker panel continues to grow for Asthma & COPD 2017

SMi’s 13th annual show dedicated to discussing Asthma & COPD will be returning to London this March.

EURRUS and Imperial College London have recently been added to the expert speaker panel at this year’s event. They will present alongside respiratory specialists from MHRA, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Janssen, Teva UK, AstraZeneca, MedImmune and many more to reflect on the ongoing issues and latest developments of these two diseases.


Boris Ferko, Head of Research & Development will be presenting from EURRUS. Boris will be providing attendees with his presentation entitled 'Development of a Novel Glutarmide Derivative XC8; A candidate oral drug for allergic asthma therapy'. He will speak about:

• A novel non-steroid compound glutarimide histamine (XC8) was developed as an oral tablet for allergic asthma therapy
• In multiple animal asthma models oral administration of XC8 efficiently suppressed eosinophilic lung inflammation, mortality of animals from anaphylactic reactions and methacholine-induced airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR). XC8 also decreased eosinophils numbers in bronchalveolar lavages (BAL) and numbers of degranulated mast cells and basophils in the lung tissue as well as mucus hypersecretion and antigen-specific serum IgE or IgG1
• Moreover, an antiviral effect of XC8 was determined against RSV, rhino- and influenza virus infections was shown in experimental animals
• Chronic toxicity and genotoxicity studies revealed an excellent safety profile of XC8 thus providing support for phase I and phase II clinical trials running at the moment in Germany, Austria and Russia

Adnan Custovic, Clinical Professor of Paediatric Allergy will be representing Imperial College London and will be speaking on 'Disaggregating asthma: Towards stratified treatment and prevention', where he will discuss:
• Heterogeneity of asthma now widely accepted
-General consensus: There are different asthma endotypes
- No consensus: What these are and how best to define them
• Major challenge is to bridge the gap between:
- Identifying subtypes of asthma in clinical and general populations
- Understanding their causal mechanisms (both shared and unique)
- Translating this knowledge into biomarkers and strategies to facilitate stratified prevention and management strategies

Other topics to be covered across the two days include ongoing issues, cutting edge developments and novel approaches to treatment surrounding key areas such as biomarkers and targeted treatment, device development and drug delivery. Furthermore the event will deepen attendees understanding of the problems relating to these respiratory diseases, and discuss the hot topic of electronic health monitoring.

A CPD certified pre-conference workshop will be hosted alongside the conference by Cambridge Consultants on ‘The future of Asthma & COPD management; from connected inhalers to therapy management’.
For further information on the two day agenda or those wishing to attend, visit the event website on

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13th annual Asthma & COPD
29-30 March 2017
London, UK
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