Herbal Drug Toxicity

Herbs are the mines of useful drugs but due to presence of certain chemical constituents they produce the toxicity. The wonderful references and treatises on herbal cure that have been available in ancient literature. Most of the people used natural plants for diagnosis and treatment of disease as home remedies. The present review mainly focuses on some medicinal plants with their biological sources, chemical constituents, usual doses and adverse effects.

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A Rare Herb of Madhya Pradesh Having Pivotal Importance on Folk Remedies

Kotlaiya is an important medicinal plant of the ancient system of healing. It is type of kantkāri, a medicinal plant widely used in Āyurveda in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It has been described as white variety of kantkārī. The present paper reviews the pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and traditional uses of the herb.



India - Survery of 1st Year Pharmacy Students´s Computer Skills

A pharmacist in today's scenario has to use computers to perform many critical tasks. For example, they have to rapidly access patient and medication data, have to perform critical non-distributive activities, and document their actions as per norms. It is the likelihood that pharmaceutical computer applications will expand in the future.

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Acne: Myths, Facts and Therapy 

Acne, although being a very common skin problem, leads to a lot of heartache and corresponding increase in expenditure on off the self-cosmetic products, which may or may not help. The present paper throws the light on the acne, its cause, facts, myths and finally the drug therapy, which are used in suppressing the acne. Also, attempt was done to collect the herbal therapy for the acne since they are safe, easily available and free fron major side effects.

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Dendrimers: A Novel Approach for Drug Delivery to Cancer

New drug delivery technology that could improve the treatment of cancer, avoid side effects and even report back on the success of treatment. Dendrimers belong to a novel and exciting class of highly branched three-dimensional polymers. 

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Protein Fingerprinting Aade Aasy by Croatian Scientists

Zagreb, 12.12.2007. - Combining some traditional experimental methods of molecular biology with computational methods of artificial intelligence, a group of researchers from Ruđer Bošković Instititute and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Zagreb, Croatia, demonstrated a novel approach for producing ‘protein fingerprints’ of diverse tissues. This result could lead to the development of new convenient methods in medical diagnostics.

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