Pharmacy Education on Internet

Modern information technologies and worldwide communication through the Internet play a significant role in medicinal plant research across the globe. The phenomenal growth in Internet usages is largely due to the success of World Wide Web. Various useful websites and databases about pharmacy education are already in the ‘Net’ and many more are being added constantly.

Pharmacy Education On Internet

Mishra B. S.1*, Dwivedi S. 2, Shashi A. 3, Dwivedi N. 4 and Jain S. 5

1,Vinayaka mission college of Pharmacy, Salem (T.N.)

2, Chordia Institute of Pharmacy, Indore (M.P.)

3, I.E.S. College of pharmacy,Bhopal (M.P.)

4, Famy care Limited Navi, Mumbai (MH)

5, Smriti College of Pharmaceutical Education, Indore (M.P.)



Modern information technologies and worldwide communication through the Internet play a significant role in medicinal plant research across the globe. The phenomenal growth in Internet usages is largely due to the success of World Wide Web. Various useful websites and databases about pharmacy education are already in the ‘Net’ and many more are being added constantly. The future of pharmacy education is handling the existing information in proper way. In this review of the Internet, compilation of important web sites is expected to stimulate, instruct and update academician involved in pharmacy education.

Keywords- Internet, Pharmacy education.




The Internet is a global computer network allowing communication with millions of computer users and access to resources from around the world.1 what type of computer is used for connection to the Internet doesn’t matter, a virtually limitless wealth of resources is available for every day use. The Internet is also a world wide computer network which allow communication with millions of other Internet users and use of web resources throughout the world.2

Simple as it may seem acquiring information on the world wide web is like seeking a selective fish in the ocean.3 Beginners in internet search often restrict their search only to search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN and infoseek, which results in a narrow outcome of required information. Compilation was done with a view to address these difficulties of beginners.4-8 this article contain web resources simplified even for an amateur.

Natural have been a major source of drugs for centuries. With major advances in Biotechnological and phytochemical techniques, academic and industrial interest in discovering and developing bioactive natural products has been a growing trend. However the present scientific information in intimidating quantities in various forms of database, virtual libraries, journal sites, many often trend to confuse the prospective researcher.9

List of databases- Medicinal plants and alternative medicine resources  

Databases are the collection of citations published in indexed journal article using storage devices such as on line servers, hard disc, and compact discs. A list of online databases and websites related to medicinal plants and alternative medicine is provided in Table 1.10-11          


USDA/NRCS-Plants national database-plant’s standardized information


American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

British Herbal Pharmacopoeia

European scientific cooperative on phytomedicine(ESCOP)publications

German Commission E Monograph

United State Pharmacopoeia (USP) Developing botanical monographs

World Health organization-WHO Monographs on selected medicinal plants

World Health Organization’s Regulatory Situation of Herbal Medicine

USDA/ARS-Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

chemicals and their biological activities in a particular plants

chemicals/concentration in a particular plant

chemicals with a specific activity in a particular plant

Ethnobotanical uses for one or more plants

plants containing a particular chemical

BIOSIS-provides vital sources of information for life scientists

CISCOM Database

Chinese Medicines:Traditional Chinese medicine database system

HerbMed- A Herbal Database

Indian System Of Medicine –A gateway for information on Indian system of medicine and homeopathyby department of ISMH ministry of health and family welfare ,govt.of India

The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts(MAPA)6-A bimonthly abstracting journal by cc (NISCAIR), provides coverage of the global literature on all aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Contact address-

The Director, National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources, Dr.K S Krishnan Marg,New Delhi 110012,India

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy(MANTIS)

Dialog Corporation

Health Index

OVID databases

MEDLINE databases- is the best interface known as Pubmed from the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda,USA

Medicinal and Poisonous Plant Databases

MICROMEDEX Complementary and alternative Medicine(CAM) Series- A series of databases covering four areas , viz. herbal medicine and dietary supplements, clinical protocols, patient education, and herbal and dietary supplement toxicology

NAPRALERT, Natural Product Alert- from STN International: provides bibliographic and factual data on natural products,including information on the pharmacology, biological activity, taxonomic distribution, ethnomedicine and chemistry of plants.

Patent Database-US patent and trademark office: A tool to locate registered patents in complementary and alternative medicine

PhytoNET-`Resource for those involved in the development, manufacturing, regulation and surveillance of phytomedicines and herbal drugs.

Poisonous Plant Database-

List of industries involved in formulation of herbal products is listed in Table 2. Taxonomical details of medicinal plants and its botanical images can be obtained from the websites given in Table 3.A list of differents organizations (Indian Govt) providing funds, projects and instrumental facility are given in Table 4. Forthcoming events, symposium, and global conferences can be obtained from the websites of different societies and organizations given in Table 5.List of some URL address of journals is given in Table 6.

Table-2 List of Indian Industries involved in manufacturing of herbal formulations

Himalaya Drug Co

Dabur India Ltd.


Fem Care Pharma

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan

Atra Pharmaceuticals


Gufic Healthcare

Ranbaxy Ltd

Sami Labs

Sears Phytochem

Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy

Table 3- List of websites for botanical images10-11

Vascular Plant Image Gallery

Poisonous Plants

Australian National Botanical Garden

Botanical Image Database

CalPhotos:California Plants & Habitats

Color Illustrations Of Plants

Color Illustrations from the National Geographic Society

European wild plant photo

Flora of Europe

Index of plant pictures by Genus and Species

Kohler’s Medicinal plants

Medicinal Herbs by Common Name (UW)

Medicinal plant Photographs by genus

PharmaCD- Family Index

Stein’sVirtual Herbarium

Table-4 List of Government organization involved in medicinal plant research (INDIA)10

CSIR-Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(funding Agency)

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

CCMB-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology,Hyderabad

Central Council of Research and Ayurvedic System

CDRI- Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

CFTRI-Central Food Technological Research Institute,Mysore

CIMAP-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Lucknow

IICB-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Calcutta

IICT- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad

IISc-Indian Institute of Science

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

National Academy of Agricultural Science

National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow

National Institute of Ayurveda Research

NIPER-National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Libraries and document retrieval centers


Union Catalogue of Biomedical Serials


Sophisticated Instruments facilities in India

Regional Sophisticated instruments facilities in India

RSIC,IIT,Powai, Mumbai

RSIC,IIT, Chennai

RSIC,CDRI, Lucknow

SICART, Gujarat

Spic Science Foundation

SIF,IISc, Bangalore

Table –5  List of organizations and societies related to Pharmacy Education10-11  

Phytochemical Society of Europe


Europian Scientific Co-operative on Phytotherapy

Europian society of ethnopharmacology

The American society of Pharmacognosy

European weed research society

Herb Research Foundation

Pharmazeutische Biologie in Deutschland (Pharmaceutical Biology in Germany)

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants   and Drug Research Centre(TBAM) of Anadolu, University in Eskisehir, Turkey

International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Boyce Thompson Institute of Plant Research

American Society of plant Biologists

The Society for Economic Botany

International Society for Ethnopharmacology

International Organizationfor Plant Information

Phytochemical Society of  North America

Society for Ethnomedicine

Table-6 List of URL Address of some Journals related to pharmacy

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Journal of Natural Remedies

Journal of Natural Products

Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy

Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Journal of Asian Natural Products Research

Journal of Agricultural And Food Chemistry

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

Indian Journal of Pharmacology

Indian Drugs

Current Science

Chemistry of Natural Compound


European Journal of Herbal Medicine

History of Traditional Indian Medicine

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Abstracts

Natural Products Report

Natural Product Letters

Planta Medica

Plant Science (Elsevier)

Pharmaceutical Biology


Phytochemical Analysis (Wiley)


Phytotherapy Research

Review of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants



List of Discussion group

PhytoNET mail-base


Phytopharmacognosy internet Discussion group

The Garden Web Forum

                                                         DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION

Today the Internet has presented the researcher with more effective tools for systemic literature search; this article will ease in handling of existing information. In developing countries like India, Much of the access to future online environments will be cheaper and broad bandwidth through optic fibre cable networks.  Internet is a rich source of information that can be used for advancement in medicinal plant research. The wide spread availability of information will enable researcher to break barrier that currently limits drug discovery. Computer literacy and Internet usage should become an integral component of pharmacy education, as it plays an important role in Drug discovery process.



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