Medicinal Utility of Some Herbs in Veterinary Practices for the Treatment of Wounds and Infections

Animals have had very significant role in human civilization and culture. They have been domestic for agriculture, milk, flesh, transport, recreation etc. Over a long period of time and through trial and error, the ethnic and rural folk have developed a wealth of domestic healthcare practices.

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Such indigenous knowledge is based on experience. In the past, great importance was given to the use of indigenous medicine for the treatment of animal diseases. Present paper aims to enumerate the herbs which are used by the village farmers of Satna district of Madhya Pradesh in the treatment of various infections of animals.

The dependence of natives on plant based medicine for treating animals is mainly because of the limited access to the modern medicine system, cheaper and easy availability of the herbal drugs and simplicity of their applications.

Moreover, herbal medicine does not have any negative side effects or build up resistant for associated with pharmaceutical drugs. With the increased recognition of such traditional wisdom of medication in animal healthcare, the process of documentation of related traditional wisdom is gaining a momentum all over the world. However, the initiatives to recognize such knowledge, its documentation and dissemination need further boost, which turn has made the veterinary scientists pay greater attention to use the herbal medicine for remedial purpose. 

Numerous allopathic medicines have so far been formulated for the treatment but none of them is 100% free from side effect. Therefore, the natives are in search of plant based medicines which have minimal or no adverse effect, cheaper and are easily available.

The whole 4 pages article is available for download here.