OTC / Non Prescription - offer

Probiotics sachets
Our company offers probiotics in sachets or capsules in any concentration and containing any strains. We are very competitive in terms of prices and we are very flexible in terms of minimum batch.
Offer for CDT dossier
CDT dossier Joint-stock company Aconitum develops, manufactures and markets RX and OTC medicines, homeopatic medicines and food supplements. All the products are manufactured by the company “Aconitum” following the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards applied for medicinal products.  In production of nutraceuticals “Aconitum” applies requirements of the HACCP. Following this system the health safety of...
Food supplements range
  Food supplements Eubage Laboratory is a parapharmaceutical company based in Belgium which develops and markets food supplements under its own brand and under the brand of third parties. The company has launched twenty formulations and obtained from the competent authorities (SPF Santé Publique) its nutrients numbers.   The entire range is based on enzymology. An enzymatic complex that increases the bioavailability of different...
Safe and Effective Herbal product for Vaginitis (White Discharge in Women) available for acquisition
I have developed a 100% safe herbal product for the treatment of vaginitis in unmarried, married and pregnant women. The product is useful in Bacterial Vaginosis as well as Vaginal Candidiasis. This product code named WH-1 has significant advantages over the currently available medications such as FAS-3 Kit and Fluconazole which are indicated only in bacterial or fungal vaginitis respectively. A recent study done by St. John’s medical...
French Company sells 7 AMM: - 1 AMM in antimycotic market (econazole nitrate) - 1 AMM in antidiarrheatic market (sulfaguanide) - 1 AMM in mouthwash market - 1 AMM in vaseline market - 1 AMM in nasal solution market (sodium chloride) - 1 AMM in cough syrup market (codeine) - 1 AMM in dermal itchiness market If one or more of these products may interest you, please do not hesitate to come back to me.
Grey Defence: The #1 Grey Hair Reversing Pill With Enteric Coating Available For In-Licensing
COORGA Nutraceuticals Corporation is pleased to announce In-licensing opportunities for Grey Defence. COORGA Nutraceuticals is looking for international partners in specific countries for out-license partnerships. This opportunity is for licensed distribution of finished product under exclusive long-term arrangements. COORGA Nutraceuticals Corporation has identified 52 key countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas where it seeks...
Metadichol® Nurture  through Nature
Metadichol® (the anagram of this is METHODICAL) is a product produced from the waste of our agricultural industry and is present in small amounts because most of it is lost in our processing of foods. We suffer from diseases and die because our immune system gets weakened over time and leads to death People who live longer are able to do so because of their enhanced immunity ( healthy life style). All diseases are reducible to passive or...
Hesperidin from orange peel
We offer a technology for rapid process of isolation and preparation of hesperidin from waste orange peel. Hesperidin is a phytonutrient present in citrus fruits with various important role in osteorathric and hypercholesterol.  
Novel herbal based throat pastilles with antibacterial effects
Novel herbal based throat pastilles with antibacterial effects Oriblettes and throat pastilles are widely used around the world as a remedy for sore throats. Researchers from The University of Belgrade have developed a novel herbal based throat pastille which can be used to prevent and treat oral cavities and pharynx inflammation in human and veterinary medicine, as well as a number of other conditions. The Invention The invention in this...