A farmavita member is offering aa immune-supporting supplement product for Europe, USA, MIDDLE EAST, & AFRICA.

 Introduction and initial research
Research on this patented formulation (containing L-methionine, magnesium, vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid), started as early as 1992, at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Pilot studies were conducted on 20 – 30 HIV positive patients, under supervision of one of South Africa’s top HIV/AIDS specialists, Dr Steven Miller. Due to the excellent results achieved, a follow-up study on approximately 100 patients was done with the permission of the South African Medicine Control Council, first for six months, and then for a follow-up period of up to two years. The results of this trial were presented at the International HIV conference in Yokohama, Japan in 1994.

With the help and financial support of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), an even larger, longer-term double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was started in 1997. Preliminary results of this trial were presented at the International HIV/AIDS Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 1998, and the Amino Acid Conference in Vienna, Austria in 2001.

These clinical trials were done under the registered trademark of Equimmune, and were aimed specifically at the HIV/AIDS market.

Bio Boost formulation
A second product was formulated, with a slightly adjusted dosage, under the trademark Bio Boost. The formulation proved to be effective for any patient with a low or deficient immune system, whether due to chronic fatigue, extreme stress and tension or common cold and flu.

Future potential
The major potential for this formulation remains a as general immune-supportive supplement. The research for this indication has already exceeded 12 years and a budget of approximately 1 million US dollars. The product has the potential to be used by general practitioners for all patients being treated for conditions such as cold and flu, to strengthen the immune system, and shorten the period of illness.

New data that has just been released from the four-year study mentioned above, confirm the excellent results seen with this formulation. The results were accepted for publication in an international scientific journal (View L-methionine as immune supportive supplement: a clinical evaluation [R. Van Brummelen and D. du Toit, 2006]. The origenal publication is availible at This product not only has great potential as an immune-supportive supplement for HIV (under the trademark Equimmune), but also for the general public or any patient with a low or deficient immune system, due to cold, flu, stress or tension (under the trademark Bio Boost). The formula also has the potential of being extended into a small product range (line extensions of the original formula).

Equimmune and Bio Boost have been submitted to the South African Medicine Control Council according to the call-up procedure (Notice No. 23128), of 22 February 2002, as required for complementary medicine. Approval has also been received for Bio boost, from the Department of Health, to be marketed as a nutritional supplement. Furthermore, the formula has been widely patented internationally (including USA, EU and AU).

All the research performed on this formula was summarized in a document that formed part of Prof Roy van Brummelen’s second doctorate at Tshwane University of Technology.


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