A natural preparation for the relief of anxiety



Herbal extract for the relief of anxiety

We offer a food supplement in the form of tablets thateffectively relieves mild to moderate anxiety problems. The active ingredientis an herbal extract with a scientifically proven efficacy. The major advantages of the product are: efficient decrease of anxiety symptoms especially when thisis precipitated by stress or excessive work load; rapid onset of action (1-2days), no side effects, easy access and privacy. Product has already been launched on the American market. Receptivity towards such preparations is high according to large international surveys.

Technology description

The technology is a non-conventional herbal therapyfor anxiety. Preclinical studies demonstrate that its efficacy is comparable tothat of commercially available drug treatments but in contrast to these, thepreparation has an excellent safety profile. Experience with patients attestsefficacy in anxious states precipitated by stress and excessive workload. Thetreatment has a solid scientific background; its use spares time respecting privacy.

How it works?

The active principle of the preparation is a specificextract of Echinacea angustifolia. Recent studies suggested that this plant contains active principles that havebeneficial effects on the brain mechanisms involved in the generation ofanxiety. A two-year long research program confirmed anxiolytic efficacy butalso showed that only a small fraction of available Echinacea preparations hasanxiolytic effects of any kind. Based on very extensive R&D our researchteam identified this effective fraction of Echinaecia preparations. Moreover, avery strong anxiolytic potential is unique to the extract that constitutes theactive principle of our preparation.
The result of the referred R&D assures aprivileged position for our product, potential competitors might come to themarket with non-effective Echniaecia extracts lacking the background knowledgethat we have.

Beneficiaries and benefits

Beneficiaries are those who suffer from mild tomoderate levels of anxiety. Preclinical studies and experience with humansubjects show that the product is especially suitable for those who developanxiety states in response to daily stressors and excessive workload. This foodsupplement is also efficient in relieving anxieties precipitated by specificsituations like examinations and public appearances. Thebenefits of our product are the following:

•Efficientdecrease of anxiety symptoms precipitated by unfavorable life events
•Rapidonset of the beneficial effect (1-2 days)
•Noside effects. Especially, our product has no sedative side effects that limitsthe usefulness of other anxiolytic preparations
•The food supplement status ensures easy access and respects privacy
•Low cost compared with the cost of conventional medicines
Development status

The preparation is ready for marketing; moreover, it is already marketed in the US. The active principles and the food supplement per se are manufactured by Europeancompanies with attested GMP status.


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