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TIVORTIN (Arginine hydrochloride), solution for infusion 42mg/ml, 100ml, 200ml glass bottle
Active substance formulated into Tivortin®  – L-arginine amino acid — is the only substrate for nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in humans. Tivortin® aspartate is a potent vasodilator, vascular tone regulator.   Tivortin® aspartate is a universal angioprotector:  ♦ reduces activation and adhesion of leukocytes to the endothelium; ♦ has antithrombotic properties, reduces platelets adhesion, their activation and aggregation;  ♦ prevents...
Nalbuphine+Naloxone, solution for injection
1. An entirely new combination. An original analgesic, which is not a scheduled drug. 2. The combination is in complete compliance with a global trend of multimodal analgesia.  3.  The option for adequate pain control (equivalent to morphine) achieved with low doses and with minimal complications and adverse effects.   The conditions for licensing-out selling of the product. 1. Documents to be transferred:   -     Pharmaceutical...

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