Health authorities, associations and academic sectors in the GCC to collaborate in the advancement of pharmacy practice in the region

Dubai, 16 August 2015:

The shift from product to patient-centered practice in pharmacy is said to be a leading trend in the globe nowadays. The GCC region, believed by some experts to witness rapid developments in its pharmacy practice and education, is among those who are moving towards this trend.

Dr. Lamia Yahya, Clinical Pharmacist at Corniche Hospital in the UAE, believes that the pharmacy practice in the region is booming and is an actively growing profession. "It had moved away from the classic role of just ‘handing in' the medication to the patient, to more orientation towards patient care," she adds. However, some expert suggests that the entire region should place a great emphasis to effectively further advance the profession. An expert from Qatar, Dr. Ahmed Nadir Kheir, Associate Professor and Continuing Professional Pharmacy Development (CPPD) Coordinator for Qatar University, shares that one of the most important factors and tools of change is the advancement in pharmacy education and the emergence of accreditation initiatives, which target quality in health care.




Chinmoy Roy, an internationally recognized subject matter expert in CSV, CAPA, CFR 21 Part 11,  Annex 11, Data Integrity and manufacturing process automation systems will be conducting a workshop at the Proactive Quality Compliance - A Workshop by UBM India, this March!



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