CX Pharma 2018

19th - 20th November 2018, Berlin, Germany

This year’s event will bring together together top marketing minds to hash out a much needed roadmap to improvement. Cutting through the buzz terminology and laying bare opportunity, the agenda focuses on the tactical solutions needed to accelerate progress at every company.

Hear from 25+ leading digital customer experience experts and a senior-level industry led audience. A great opportunity to learn valuable customer experience insights for pharma and meet the other attendees.

The “Improve Customer Experience in Healthcare” report published by CreateHealth has found that 90 percent of companies understand the importance of CX. However, only 20 percent have an outlined strategy in place. Despite the acknowledgement of its significance, it appears that some companies are still failing to execute on some critical objectives.

CX Pharma 2018 is the top experiential marketing conference for the industry, focusing on enabling pharma to exceed customer expectations and meet business objectives.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: CX Pharma 2018 will present an opportunity to leverage and enhance the mechanisms, tools and metrics to enhance a company’s cost effectiveness of pursuing customer centric initiative, accomplish more with fewer resources and formulate ideas on how to generate a higher level of revenue and customer satisfaction.

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