Cleanroom Management 2018

19th - 20th November 2018, Berlin, Germany

This year’s event will bring together key industry personnel from the cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing and microbiological industries.

The two day event will put together cleanrooms operators, technicians, quality assurance managers, contamination control and sterile manufacturing experts together for a fantastic, informative and ground breaking conference.

Cleanroom Management 2018 conference offers users and experts from the fields of micro-technology and life sciences an opportunity to find the new technologies and products they need to optimise their cleanroom production.

The Cleanroom Technology is expected to reach $5,171 million by 2024. Factors such as increase in demand from pharmaceutical sectors and stringent safety rules & regulation are augmenting the growth of the global cleanroom technology market. The significance of cleanroom technology continues to grow worldwide, as ever stricter quality requirements and the ongoing miniaturisation of components cause more and more companies to turn to production in cleanrooms.

With 100+ opportunities to learn, network, influence, and contribute through seminars, classes, Working Group meetings, and events your company will have an opportunity to engage with pioneers from industry, academia, and government to build new business relationships and inform potential customers about your products and services.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Cleanroom Management 2018 will discuss regulations and compliance, information in validation and standards. It will highlight cleanroom’s energy consumption and how to make your cleanrooms more efficient. Conference will also focus on sterile manufacturing and what is required to successfully manufacture sterile products. Other highlights are cleanroom management and all the aspects of effective cleanrooms management to minimize infection and contamination and maximize efficiency, as well as information on gowning and correct cleanroom’s attire and relevant system management techniques.

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