Pharmaceutical Packing & Labeling 2018

15th - 16th November 2018, London, UK

This year’s event will bring together keen-minded speakers and sponsors who will be sharing the most advanced techniques to meet rigorous regulations, deliver to a global market, and enhance patient safety.

Pharmaceutical Packing & Labeling 2018 has been tailored to address both short and long-term challenges which arising for packaging, labeling, artwork, and serialization professionals from big pharma and small.

Regulatory compliance, the implementation of end-to-end labeling, and the minimization of human error in production are the strongest drivers of packaging, labeling, artwork, and serialization specialists at pharmaceuticals of all sizes. Is your goal to possess the most insightful information for better complying with the fast approaching Falsified Medicines Directive? Would you like to discuss with fellow professionals how Brexit will change the pharmaceutical industry? Do you strive to discover the latest updates and insights from market leaders on track-and-trace, serialization and ensure safe supply chain?

At the Pharmaceutical Packing & Labeling 2018 we will be exploring topics which affect both commercial labelling and packaging teams across small, medium and large pharma. Join us in London, November 2018, and get your unique chance to get updates, learn, network, and extend your professional horizons.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Pharmaceutical Packing & Labeling 2018 will be looking at the industries end-to-end labeling strategy to ensure companies are inspection ready while harnessing branding as a storytelling tool to remain relevant to your consumers, old and new. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the most emerging best practices and industry expertise in the field of packaging & labelling in the pharmaceutical sector.


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