Pharmaceutical Lyophilisation 2018

15th - 16th October 2018, Milan, Italy

This year’s event provides a platform to facilitate dialogue among the various bodies, companies and individuals committed to exploring advancements and innovations in Lyophilization.

Meet industry experts and suppliers and share the latest thinking. Learn from relevant case studies. The knowledge gained will support you in your daily work.

Join us as we look at advances in lyophilizing technology, PAT tools, QbD and design space, strategies to enhance lyophilization formulation and innovative alternative to Lyophilization

As biopharmaceuticals continue to dominate the market the need for greater shelf life and protein stability has increased. For many biological products lyophilization is a necessity and the technology is constantly advancing. As manufacturing demands increase the global lyophilization market for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products is expected to reach $2.66 billion by 2018-2019 and this a trend that is likely to continue as we push the boundaries of biopharmaceutical formulation and transport.

At the Pharmaceutical Lyophilisation 2018, take advantage of the opportunity to hear new innovated programs put in place by top companies in our unique case studies and walk away with a deep understanding of key industry trends and solutions.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Pharmaceutical Lyophilisation 2018 will aim to keep attendees at the forefront of technological breakthroughs to adapt to growing manufacturing demands and cover key principles such as biological formulations, aseptic spray drying, scale up, cost, PAT and QbD.

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