Pharma Pricing and Market Access 2018

6st - 7th December 2018, Dubai, UAE

This year’s event brings together international payers, industry professionals and patient associations, the 2-day meeting will address how to enhance your pricing and access strategy for the ever changing global healthcare market.


Pharma markets are extremely complex with each country governed by very different healthcare policies, reimbursement schemes, unique pricing, with large risks involved in entering the market, particularly with high priced, specialty drugs/therapeutics. Once way is to overcome this is to out-license, which cuts risks but can also decrease profits. There is also no guarantee that this will lead to success.

A surge in the price of drugs has recently been making international headline news adding growing pressure from leading government bodies and patient groups for pharmaceutical companies and manufactures to limit future price increases. Mounting criticism has created a shift in focus for payers to be more cost-effective in their approach to setting budgets and managing costs.

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Pharma Pricing & Market Access 2018 will tackle industry challenges head on by preparing attendees to develop a successful market access strategy for the ever changing pharmaceutical and payer landscape.

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