Digital Pharma Advances Conference

30th January 2018, London, UK

Secure Buy-In & Transform Cultures For Next-Level, Customer-Centric Patient & HCP Experiences With Engaging, Results-Driven Multi-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies.

Boost Measurable Business Performance Within A Regulatory Context With Value-Adding HCP Patient & Stakeholder Engagement & Sophisticated Multi-Channel Strategies Which Harness The Latest In Digital, New Technologies, Data & Social Media.

Increase Integrated Multi-Channel Capabilities By Transforming Internal Cultures & Securing Stakeholder Buy-In To Boost Business Performance With Innovative HCP & Patient Engagement Strategies.

1. Integrate Future-Facing Digital & Technology Innovations – Now! Emerging, profitable and experience-enhancing digital innovations
2. Seamless, Savvy Multi-Channel: Road map long-term strategies and capitalise on quick wins for impactful multi-channel success
3. Change, Transformation, Culture – Secure Buy-In & Investment For The Pharmaceutical Organisation Of The Future: Overcome siloed departments and influence internal stakeholders for digitally-embedded, customer-centric organisations
4. Deliver Unparalleled Patient & HCP Engagement: Tap into customer mindsets for attention-grabbing, influential and insight-led campaigns
5. Creativity Within The Regulatory Context? Collaboration within regulations to deliver compliant, innovative campaigns
6. Data & Analytics Advances: Sophisticated customer data use and insights which enable targeted, value-adding strategies
7. Measuring The Value Of Digital: Evidence digital’s impact on the bottom line and to the customer to secure ongoing investment and inform future strategies
8. Next-Level, Integrated Social Media Strategies: Practical approaches for compliant customer activation and engagement on social media

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