Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast 2017

April 26th & 27th, Interactive Workshops: April 25th Boston, MA, USA

With an increase in chronic diseases, high competition between market providers, and a growing demand for ready-to-administer (RTA) syringes, the dynamic pre-filled syringes market has in recent years, witnessed a huge surge in investment. However, navigating through the PFS industry in areas such as regulation, manufacturing, safety assessment and combination products, can present complex challenges to success.


Through a combination of powerful keynote addresses, topical debate and interactive workshops, Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast will once again play host to an audience of senior scientists, device manufacturers and PFS market professionals, providing a unique platform to discuss the latest innovations and developments in pre-filled syringes; as well as hone in on industry challenges and regulatory compliance.

The notable speaker line-up will include:
• Li-Chun Tsou, Global Device Technical Director, AstraZeneca
• Ronald Iacocca, Research Fellow, Delivery and Device, R&D, Eli Lilly
• Edmond Israelski, Director Human Factors, AbbVie
• Antony Trupiano, Head of Combination Product Development, Shire
• Sudeshna Dutta Ray, Senior Engineer Advanced Device Technology, Amgen
• Stephen Barat, Executive Director, Non-Clinical and Translational Sciences - Safety Assessment and Bioanalysis, Allergan
• Tiffnay McIntire, Human Factors Engineer, Eli Lilly
• Hemal Mehta, Manager, Global CMC-RA, Medical Devices and Combination Products, Janssen R&D
• Phillip Green, Executive Director, Merck
• Michael Selzer, Manager, Combination Products Engineering, Regeneron
• Mike Price, Senior Engineer, Biogen

Highlights for 2017:

“We should take this opportunity to learn, develop and improve our best practise and strategy for pre-filled syringes" Conference Chair, Dhairya Mehta, Director, Shire
• Analyse and forecast market trends for prefills
• Explore safety assessments, leachable and the PQRI
• Receive guidance on successful change controls for design changes and device changes
• Highlight the innovative solutions that wearable devices provide in overcoming the challenges presented by biologic drugs
• Navigate through human factor regulations

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